Mr. Faux Goes to Washington

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Dear Readers,

Mr. Faux is not dead.  I promise to return to his story, because I personally love what I have planned for this strip, which due to school, personal reasons, and certain external factors I have been unable to bring this strip to that point in a timely fashion.  Right now I will be focusing on Swift Wit Comics.

I know in the past Mr. Faux was my top priority.  I've made it no secret that this was because the deadlines were more strict for Mr. Faux and because Mr. Faux ran in print form.  It was also the source of income for all of my other projects.  This title now goes to Swift Wit Comics even though that's the exact opposite of what that title was created for.  Things change and we must change to external factors.

In sum, Mr. Faux will return, but not soon.

Please check out my other comics at  You'll know when Mr. Faux is back if you keep reading the other comics.  Or you can subscribe to the RSS feed that I finally created.  Faux RSS feed

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